3 Ways Artists Can Market Their Music Business and Brand In Their Music

A recognized brand holds little competition. In the music industry┬ácompetition comes in many forms. Whether it is radio and media judging whether to spin or blog your latest release, or your producer has an artist that can pay $200 more than you for the same exclusive deal. Here, you will be in constant competition. Some of the music business investments will resemble gambling. Always remember that marketing and branding is communication. Whether it be an image or a specific signature dance move your audience is watching for something to click. Here are “3 Easy Ways Artists Can Market Their Music Business and Brand IN Their Music”!

  1. Mention your merchandise in an anthem or single! This will ensure your audience that you are an established business entity with more than just a downloaded product. More than just a streaming product. If you do not have merchandise available yet make sure to consider the pro’s and con’s. You do not want to miss out on the multiple streams of income that need to generate budget for consistent input/output. If you are not a music artist and you happen to be a blogger, use your own logo to invest in merchandise for events. Business cards are not always the best avenue especially if you end up at a pool party this summer. Think of merchandise as a solution at an outdoor event as well. Spilling some of your lunch on your hoodie could result in a quick $20 purchase of another.
  2. As mentioned above it is almost mandatory to be out and about for music festivals, events and networking parties. When you are present at these events make sure to have a well stocked arsenal of music to perform. We joke in movies about N.W.A. music playing in nursing homes but in reality that’s not happening. Bottom line here is make sure to prepare for your surrounding right from the beginning of the creative process. High energy is great but if you have a couple violent songs, that won’t go over too well at a day time picnic. Song selection for a performance is how we define your brand representation. In my personal experiences with independent artists that pitch their music to our brands at events and functions, this could use some work and practice. Make it make sense and we will call you back! Don’t be discouraged.
  3. Give back to your customers! Now assuming that you have something for sale in the first place. Appreciation comes into play here and that will inspire your audience to purchase or purchase at some point. Whoever signs up for your email list may appreciate a quick $4 off your next album so send them over a discount code. Maybe you aren’t attracting the largest crowd at your performances so you give away some tickets with purchase of… I don’t know, say… 3 t-shirts. You do not have to use any of these ideas, but they are examples. TripleHQ.com is full of information that fuels the culture. Most of us began our journey with $0 invested into us, so we invest in ourselves by offering a service or product that from our own skill. That is what separates this industry from others. You can be self made with a music composition you created while selling shirts you printed. Not everyone is J. Cole standards but there are many ways for you to spread your own personal message with use of the internet and hand crafted skills. As with anything, how bad do you want it?

Hopefully this has sparked some ideas for your next big move. Make sure to leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions for music artists and brands within hip hop. As long as we keep it constructive and educational you are welcome to also subscribe to us all over social media!


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