3 Ways Independent Music Artists Shine Online

Social media, boosted website advertisements and other strategic marketing can be the pathway to take lead in the digital age. Independent music artists have the ability to create, engage and nurture their fan base better than ever, with the help of the internet. Even though this is an obvious and sometimes a redundant observation most artists are not getting the results they desire. More followers, more engaging comments and more album or single sales should be the focus for developing a successful movement. This post is for the artists that LOVE what they do and represent a consistent effort creating the necessary momentum for fans to WANT to follow.

  1. Stand for something, online and offline!

Most artists online are realizing they receive more engagement when they show initiative in politics, sports, comedic social media posts or content marketing. Social media is meant to spark conversations, otherwise the word social wouldn’t be included in the term. Music fans have proven to be interested in the person behind the music and many music artists are capitalizing on this realization.

Posting videos while you’re in the studio without leaking new content is a good way to create interest and hint to the fans that you are working on something. The conversation you hold and what you say on this video should hint to the audience whether this is a serious trip to the studio. If you’re all ready turnt this might communicate you’re not taking things serious.


2. Show authority in the most humblest of ways. Educating!

This definitely compliments the first topic of discussion. If you stand out as an information resource you will not only bring in new fans, you can also develop positive business relationships within your niche. DO NOT take this as a “music artists supporting other artists” theory. This is a networking tool… so network!

Here we have provided some information that will help you and your peers understand what to do with your music and how you should be compensated:

These are only THREE of the SIX

Types of Royalties Artists should understand (even entry level artists):

  • Public Performance Royalties means that your music is being played at a Live music venue like a store or restaurant, digital services and websites, terrestrial radio (AM/FM), TV stations etc. These people should be licensed and pay royalties to the artists. The best way to collect these royalties are BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN or SESAC
  • Mechanical Royalties are compensation of streaming plays, individual labels that distribute your music with retailers to sell physical unit copies or digital downloads. CDBaby, Medianet, HFA are some of the companies that pay for this service.
  • Synchronization Royalties is when background music is added to film, commercials and even remixes or anything of that nature. Sheet music is when a song is transcribed into piano, guitar and other instruments through books and available to profit from physical and/or online retail.

Use this information to help the fellow musician, in order to show that you “bring something to the table“. NOTHING shows authority like getting someone else PAID! This also shows you are most likely telling the truth if you’re bragging about “Ballin’ outta control”.

3. Research!!! Research!!! Research!!!

This is the perfect “last but not least” topic of discussion. So many artists make social media posts asking questions, but the problem is their questions are usually answered by other artists in similar situations. That same question you are asking Facebook can be solved with a higher rate of accuracy if you simply copy and paste the question into the Google Search page.

If you are a music artist and you are constantly asking how to get something done or any of the easily answered questions we come across on the day to day basis please check what good ole Google, Firefox or whatever your favorite search engine of choice has to say. You want to be the individual displaying Topic #2 listed above as a strength, not a weakness!

We will break down music royalties even further in future posts. If you find this article informative, please share with a music industry peer and leave a comment. We would love to hear from your perspective of the topics we write about, to ensure we provide the BEST information possible. There are plenty of other examples that can be applied so get creative and start showing your AUTHORITY online!


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