3 Ways Media Can Help Brands and Artists

Exposure is the goal! Plain and simple, easy to explain when you have a new product or service. That new song that you just released is going to need promotion. Everything that has a brand on it, needs exposure. Commercials on radio, product research articles and even some FREE GIVEAWAYS!

According to the Cambridge Dictionary: “any publicity is good publicity definition: said to emphasize that it is better that something receives bad publicity than no publicity at all” (Click here to visit their site)

Blogs and websites will usually have a form that captures email addresses. These lists receive newsletters. When you are paying a website, ask if they will be including “Email Blasts” in their promotion. It never hurts to follow up that question with a quick “How about social media?” We all know that in modern times social media and emails are the most commonly used source of information aside of search engines. Even if you haven’t noticed, go search your email and you’ll probably find tons of sales and discounts that you may have missed. We don’t always notice the opportunities but the die-hard fans will notice and if they have time. They will engage!

Radio and podcast interviews are showing more visuals and “in studio footage” than ever! Interviews are fun and it helps EVERYONE understand the artist behind the project better. Whether its an accent, a specific perspective of life or the crazy “lifestyle of the rich and famous” stories we hear in these interviews, fans love to hear their favorite ICON talk and answer questions. It serves as content as well. This is important to music artists, music producers or if you are on a mission to pitch your new start up. For his Tesla and Spacex ventures, Elon Musk has told interesting stories that hold facts, theories and a couple jokes. Remember this is your time to shine.

More interviews or more press releases! Here is a little industry tip. SCENARIO: XXL journalist sees a TMZ post that involves hip hop talent, XXL is most likely going to cover the story. Why would this happen? It’s because TMZ is a major press publication with multiple resources. (Authority) Whoever the hottest media outlet in your genre or demographic range holds the “trending” topics. Also remember that “trending” is an invention. It’s not some sort of miracle that happens to your brand. It comes from shock factor, breaking news or sometimes just a really good coincidence. For whatever reason you are looking to be in the official spotlight, enjoy the ride. It is not always all good reviews and happiness though. Be cautious and take everything with a grain of salt. If you are happy, don’t let the negativity that the internet holds, dim your shine!


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