5-D – Burger Cheese

The sesame seeds on the bun of the burger that is 5-D were sewn many years ago in an Austin based trio known as Rhymestack. HBZ and Cron had met in high school where making music became a foundation to their relationship, which only continued to grow as the years passed. HBZ then began to work with RuDi and the group known as the SubKulture Patriots (SKP), which ultimately led to him introducing RuDi and Cron, and thus creating a musical chemistry that couldn’t be denied.

Then after a sunny afternoon full of funky beats from Cron, the group 5-D was officially born, also known as the Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe. 5-D effortlessly combines intricate flows and lyrics with unique, mind blowing production that reminds the listener of classic hip-hop, but paves the way into their own distinct sound.

Burger Cheese” comes as the first single off of their upcoming EP, and flawlessly shows off the guys suave lyrical style while not taking away from the piano riddled beat. Each member delivers an intelligible and intricate verse that will take you back in time, while transporting you to the future. Keep your eye out for the full self titled EP to drop in 2020.


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