New Music Video titled “What If Beyonce Sang On My First Album” by Chicago new independent Hip Hop artist, 7Cree (pronounced seven-cree). This song is the latest single from Cree’s upcoming mixtape “The World Is Yours”. This creative visual is filmed and edited by Chicago film director, JR Visuals and the song is produced by internationally known producer Yusei.

This is an inspirational and conscious song where Cree details all the music projects and artist that has inspired him to pursue music as his career thus far. In this video Cree sits down on the couch and allows the audience to personally view him in his writing process as many lyrics are discarded throughout the floor in the video. Cree opens up his home to his fans and avid listeners so that they can really feel closer to his mind and soul which is poured into the song. Cree grabs every listeners full attention in the hook by asking one single question that could change Cree entire life, “What if Beyonce sang On my first album?”