8 Graves Debuts Their Future Grunge Single, “Hang” – @8GravesNYC



New York’s 8 Graves presents “Hang”, a song focusing on society’s plight of needing to fit despite the cost –

Loneliness and the need for acceptance can lead many of us down a dangerous path in life. That especially can be said when it comes to the people we seek out for companionship while in that state of mind. Misery enjoys company, it’s thoughts like this that inspire the lyrics behind “Hang”, from NYC Future Grunge duo 8 Graves. Fans of groups like twenty one pilots will quickly take a liking to the song, as it shares similarities to their hit song, “Heathens”.

8 Graves incorporates dark melodic tones thru their compositions. A sound that matches their deep, dark stories of turmoil and harsh realities. Such a story can be heard on “Hang”, which focuses on society’s plight of needing to fit in despite the cost. What lengths are you willing to go to keep a tight grasp on your social status? Would you rather die than be alone? Ask yourself these questions while diving into the song below.