Abortion Today, All of Womens’ Rights Tomorrow

As of Tuesday, the state of Alabama’s legislature passed a bill banning abortion, and which the governor Kay Ivey (yes, a WOMAN) within MINUTES of it being on her desk….SIGNED it. Yes a bunch of rich people who don’t even know I exist just made a decision about my vagina and uterus. Still not clear as to what this all means? Let me break it down to you.

1) Alabama will become the state with the country’s most restrictive abortion law.

2) The law will immediately lead to a debate over if the Supreme Court will consider overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.

So lets break down what the law includes.

The legislation bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy and criminalizes the procedure for doctors, who could be charged with felonies and face up to 99 years in prison. It includes an exception for cases when the mother’s life is at serious risk (not the child), but not for cases of rape or incest. So basically, you as a woman, your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, etc need to all get guns because we are no longer being protected by the constitution. It also means a man can force himself inside of you, get you pregnant, and if YOU consider aborting, you will serve more time in jail than the man who raped you. Also the doctor will serve time if they do the procedure.

Let us also break down Ohio and Georgia who have passed the “Heartbeat Bill” which not only bans abortion when the baby has a “detectable human heartbeat” it declares the scientific, philosophical, and theological truth that an unborn child is a “natural person” under state law. And for the Pro-Life men…you can STFU right now because as soon as a heartbeat is detected, that child is a citizen and the woman can file child support instantly. (Yes read below…I come with receiptsssss)

Oh! But it gets even worse. Did you know that you can also face prison time for a miscarriage? So basically if your miscarriage is questionable (i.e: smoking, drinking while pregnant, just carelessness; you accidentally fall) you can serve up to 30 years. Do you know what it feels like to have a miscarriage? Now take that feeling with the state department coming in your hospital room interrogating you after you lost your child.

The decision to have an abortion is already hard on a woman to begin with, and to scream things like “if you dont want babies, close your legs” is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. Women have abortions for all kinds of different cases. Physical, mental, psychological reasons usually always come before financial in making a decision to abort. And please let us not act like its all the woman’s fault. I have literally had men try to knock me up just because they knew I was financially stable when I was in the military. (Yes that military trap shit goes both ways). Its always “it takes two to tango” until the woman has to make the hard decision because the man carelessly gets caught up in the moment or sneaks and pulls a condom off.

Then for the “Women should just get on birth control” people. Not all women have a great reaction to birth control. I personally cannot stand it.  I remember after I had my daughter, and I got on the 10 year IUD Mirena..I gained almost 40 pounds in a month and they had to do an emergency removal. The pills make me vomit and make my hair fall out, the shot also makes me huge, and I’m allergic to latex but I deal with condoms because I have to.

Lastly, you can miss me with “it has a heartbeat..it matters“. Okay then lets address that family member who has been in a coma for years and now its time to pull the plug. They have a heartbeat. The bill states that a woman cannot get an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. As a woman who has had an abortion before, I can tell you I knew before 6 weeks and I was told I couldn’t get one until I was 6 weeks. So you see, there is no abortions at all allowed. And if you’re so worried about saving babies, head on down to DSS there are PLENTY waiting to be adopted. But you won’t do that, you’re too concerned with running other women’s wombs. But we also know the people who think like this actually mean seen picture below:

Did I also mention that if you get pregnant and think “Oh I can just leave the state and do it somewhere its legal” ….think again. They now check ID to see if you have a license showing you are a resident of said states, and if it does, you are going to jail for pre-meditated murder.

This is an extreme attack on women’s rights. Also pay attention to the fact that abortion is now a felony. Guess who can’t vote….felons…pay attention America! I have stayed quiet on social media because honestly it is too much to type via a Facebook post or Twitter thread. I will not remain silent as men make not only the decision for my body, but also my daughter’s. Stop being that person who says nothing until it affects you personally. This is a pathetic egotistical power move by men to (as always) make us look weak.  We have got to hit these polls hard, educate each other, stop spreading ignorance, and help people find resources.

Its only been a week, and I can’t even type this article fast enough as the state of Missouri has just announced their abortion ban too (like a chauvinistic virus). If you have not seen the Hulu show “Handmaids’ Tale”, I definitely suggest you brush up on it as this is EXACTLY what is happening in America. It is time for us women to truly march, to yell, scream, FIGHT for our equal rights in this country. This is the same country that wont allow medicaid to a woman who makes more than $1500/month, and also the same country that is now lunch shaming children for not having money. Honestly if I was a 6 week old fetus with a citizenship and a conscious it would be a hard pass on spending life on Earth.

I personally do not give one fuck if your are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. I don’t care about your political side, your religious beliefs, or who or what you think wrote the handbook on human law. But I will tell you nobody but ME will make a decision on MY body.


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