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Abstract the Rapper’s emotional single “Falling” was produced by ATWW members and duo, Drumma Battalion from Norway. The song has an interesting contrast of hard-hitting verses with a melodic chorus over a lo-fi instrumental. The chorus is a form of commentary on the verses, so the song seems to reflect on itself conceptually.

“Some days I wake up feeling like I have so many people who depend on me. What I do next, where my heads at, I just have to remember how far I’ve come. Much love to all of ATWW, I promise the wait on the new album will make sense. ❤️ Thank you for sticking with me, every bit of support lifts a bit of the weight off my shoulders.”

Abstract is a 24 year old artist who has independently gained a worldwide following by way of the internet and word of mouth. Fresh off his first overseas tour opening for New York artist Yonas, he heads a collective known as A Team Worldwide (ATWW) comprising of five musicians from four different countries. He is known for his uplifting content and tendency to not adhere to a fixed style, a reflection of his diverse creative and musical inspirations, thus “Abstract”.

He is known for his remix of Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” called “Neverland” which garnered over 100 million plays, his work with Detroit artist Roze, and his 2016 album “Something to Write Home About”. He has spent the last year working on a new album and “experience”, releasing unrelated singles while working on the album behind the scenes. He heads out on his first US Tour end of July.


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