Ackurate “The Premier Tape” & “Growth 2” Video | @AckurateThaWise |


With his last album “Soul Misfit” being released in 2015, Ackurate has been in the shadows plotting his next move to push his career further in this culture of HipHop. The Illinois Emcee focused more on performing in 2016 opening for well known names such as The Lox, Joe Budden, and Truck North. He also formed an alliance with New Jersey based Emcee Rec Riddles, in which now they form the duo ReAck.

TeamBackPack has also been peeping Ackurate, as he was chosen to be a part of the TBP St. Louis cypher and also a spot in the 64 man battle for Wula 17 with and dope St. Louis based Emcee Riley B. Now he comes to us paying homage to the legendary DJ Premier. “The Premier Tape” is based around known as well as unknown sounds from Premo with a wide range of lyricism from Ackurate. He claims “This is an appetizer, wait till the next insert”. HipHop heads wake up, lyricism is alive and well in his realm.