Adam Gross – No More Control (feat. Mat Layton)



Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Gross will be releasing his debut EP In Control in early February. The 22 year old New Yorker combines many influences–from reggae, to pop, to rock, to electronic music, and even latin and middle eastern sounds, creating a four track project that seeks to represent the duality of the word control. On one end, we are living during a crazy socio-political era. Many of us do not like who is currently “in control” of things. But by embracing a positive philosophy built around mindfulness, we can be more “in control” of our own thoughts and feelings. Featured on In Control are vocalists Mat Layton and General Steel, as well as rapper Tha Shya. The project is produced and mixed by the legendary producer Michael Goldwasser of the Easy Star All-Stars, best known for his reggae tribute of the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side of the Moon, appropriately titled Dub Side of the Moon.