Adrian Gamboa – “Fake Friends” | @agnotforsale |


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That phrase, however, doesn’t account for fake friends, who are the worst people you could ever encounter in life. Reason being is that you could build with them, help them grow and vice versa, and at the end of the day you might come to realize that they’ve been using you this entire time. This concept is drawn up on Adrian Gamboa ‘s latest single “Fake Friends“.

Sampling the “Backstabbers” by the O’ Jays, Adrian Gamboa uses his latest song to depict the mindset he has regarding fake friends. Paying attention to them isn’t something he’s conditioned himself to do, but he does address his awareness of them and how it motivates his plans for greatness.

“The verses came out naturally when I was writing and to be honest I just wanted to talk about multiple ideas and feelings that almost don’t relate to the topic but at the same time that’s what I thought was dope about it,” Gamboa says. “I didn’t want to focus on the topic of the song the same way you shouldn’t focus on anyone who talks on your name when you are not in the room.