Aiden Dale is an acoustic hip hop artist from the London, UK. Known for his conscious lyrics commenting on social and political issues, his music tips a hat to various R&B influences, ranging from the warmth of the old-school scene, to the creativity and diversity of today’s sound.

What makes Aiden’s flow stand out is the fact that he values a raw and authentic approach. His live sets are as intimate and organic as possible, often involving nothing more than a guitar and voice. He produces his own releases, giving him more control over his creativity and vision and recently released an EP “Spin Your Yarn” and has been experiencing posiitve responses from medias such as Vibe FM, Fortitude mag, Vents mag and many others. Another release is set for December.

With this I tried to capture the warmth of the old-school R&B scene, while keeping the drums sounding fresh and up to date. It’s about someone struggling with metal health and it’s tongue-in-cheek – written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t understand what they’re going through and telling them to ‘cheer up’ essentially.


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