Akash unloads the ANS-directed film for “Text Me”, enjoy the show – @AKASHlifestyle



Akash unloads the ANS-directed film for “Text Me” and provides a visual reminder of what could happen if you don’t treat your girl right –

Akash is an eighteen year old Indian Hip-Hop/Pop artist from New Jersey. An up and coming force in the music world, Akash establishes the beginning of a long career with his forceful flow and commanding lyrics. The emerging artist has worked to develop his craft over the years capitalizing on his talent and genuine passion for creating music. A recent performance at the Grace Hotel in New York to celebrate the release of his latest album “Rooftop Vibes” was completely sold out.

He’s issued two videos from the album, “Ride My Wave” and “Do The Time”. H now brings “Text Me” to the lens with the aid of ANS. Watch as Akash swoops in to steal the lady of a man that we’re assuming hasn’t been properly handling his relationship responsibilities. Fresh drone shots of the city further add to the flick’s flare. Check out the official video here.