Codeine“ is the second track taken from Alexis Troy’s Dread EP and comes with a stunning animated clip produced by visual artist Deveroe, who already already worked alongside Troy for RIN’s “Dior 2001” video. “Codeine” is a sublime pop-R&B hybrid, driven by heavy trap-drums amongst soothing yet sorrowful vocals. Transferring the melancholic and grand atmosphere of Troy’s productions with his voice, the anonymous vocalist shares intimate moments of a spiralling relationship damaged by drug abuse. “Codeine” pulls you into a fragmented and uncertain world that you can’t help but be intrigued by.

“I didnʼt even know it was wrong,

At the time it felt alright”

Deveroe explains on the video:

“When I heard Alexis’ song the first time I liked it – but did not really know why. So I had this idea of creating a music video that follows that exact pattern: create something original and then just leave the audience with that. No explanation, just the song and a visually striking video.. I like when people encounter something that they find hard to put into words. That’s where special things happen. So for me it really was more about initiating a feeling than it was about following a certain path or narrative. I think it shouldn’t be the artist that gives meaning to an art-piece. This is for curators. It’s the viewer’s or listener’s perspective that gives meaning to something, so I leave them with that.” 


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