Alexx Mack takes us on a ride to remember in “Your Car” alongside EXES – @MissAlexxMack


Alexx Mack

Los Angeles-based singer Alexx Mack services us with her brand new EXES-featured single, “Your Car”, an eighties type of love story put to beautiful music –

Get ready to be taken on a love filled ride as Alexx Mack suggests lighting up while taking a cruise in “Your Car”. After having taken a small hiatus from music, Alexx is now refocused and ready to make an impact with the single. To piece things together, she contracted the aid of EXES member’sĀ Allie Mcdonald and Mike Dorenzo. It’s safe to say that the time off to rediscover herself paid off in a big way musically. The eighties themed cover art and overall sound is a nice touch to an expertly written song. Hop in and take a ride with Alexx Mack below.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Florida, Alexx Mack was introduced to her passion for music at a very early age. By the age of only seven, Alexx began penning her own songs and continued to develop her writing. At the same time, she was actively exploring her own individuality. Witnessing the talent at hand, her parents encouraged her to pursue music seriously throughout her education. Graduating from high school a year early, Alexx headed west to LA. This is where she was quickly inspired by the energy and creativity of her new surroundings. Stay tuned for more spectacular music from the young star in the times to come.