Alice Marie Johnson left a federal prison in Alabama on Wednesday after President Trump commuted her sentence. Johnson spent more than two decades behind bars for drug offenses. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West had championed her cause.

Alice Johnson was #1 on the CAN-DO Top 25 women most deserving of clemency and was passed over by the Obama administration for some mysterious reason.  We have reason to believe there will be more to come because we have been asked to submit a list of potential candidates for President Trump to consider, but today is all about Alice.

Over time, Topeka Sam connected MIC with Alice for a Video Op Ed that caught Kim Kardashian’s eye and if not for Kim’s commitment to free Alice Marie, we would not be at this intersection today.  I’ve talked to Alice’s daughters, Catina Scales and Tretessa Johnson, early this morning and recently spoke with Alice. She got the news from Kim Kardashian herself.  Alice is now in the fold of her loving family, on her way back home to Memphis


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