Anna Dellaria Delivers on “Mama Said” | @annadellaria |

Driven by percussive breaths, energetic 808’s and a massive chorus, “Mama Said” brings a fresh perspective on today’s Pop/R&B genre and empowerment messages. The no-BS energy of the lyric proclaimed by Dellaria’s powerful vocal chanting, “Never let em knock you down!” demands listeners attention. The core of it? A passionate declaration to keep rising above the craziness that life – and sometimes society – can present us.

The fiery song, written solely by Dellaria, was ignited by a deep frustration:

“I was so tired of defending my happiness and identity. Tired of fighting off stereotypes and expectations. It evolved into anger that grew with each news headline or daily encounter that a friend would experience and share. Whether across the world or at school – the fight to simply be and exist in the face of hatred and negativity became undeniable. So I wrote about it. The foundation of “Mama Said” is a simple vow to maintain happiness. Maybe it’s a friend who’s jealous and coming for your crown, or maybe it’s something bigger. Regardless – the vow remains the same: “Never Let em Knock You Down”.

The “no-excuses only swagger” single is the third release off of Dellaria’s upcoming debut EP. Dellaria’s music has amassed over 950k+ Digital Streams, can be heard globally with placements across TV shows like “Younger” and HBO, 10 features on Spotify’s editorial Playlists ranging from New Music Friday to Contemporary Blend, and more. Her previous releases have been featured on The 405, Indie Shuffle, DJ Booth, and others.


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