Anon – Medicated


Anon addresses mental health battles in the inspirational ‘Medicated’, featuring The Grime Violinist

Anon goes deep on his first single with Defenders Ent – ‘Medicated’ which features The Grime Violinist tells the story of when he attempted to take his own life and his battles with mental health. Bringing something truly special with the track and accompanying music video, the combination of emotional visuals, brutally honest lyrics, skilfully composed strings by The Grime Violinist and a gripping production from TKBeatz, means that ‘Medicated’ really stands out in the current UK Rap scene.

Anon is no newbie to the scene, going under a different name in his teens he performed alongside acts such as N-Dubz, Big Narstie and Bashy. For many years though due to mental health, Anon cut himself off from the world, watching the scene from afar. Knowing the talent and love for music was always lying within him, he has now made it his musical mission to raise awareness whilst helping others find the confidence to speak up and seek help. Using word play and heartfelt lyrics he highlights the importance of mental health by openly talking about his own battles with borderline personality disorder and how he’s overcome dark times to find his return to music.

The music video, out now on Linkup TV shows the story of a man going through his daily battles with mental health, whilst trying to up keep a brave smile for his daughter, and the ‘to be continued’ sign at the end suggests that he has more to say about this subject. Explaining the force behind the track Anon says:

“Growing up in South London Croydon, the culture I was surrounded in allowed no space for fear or weakness. It almost became innate in me from a young age to put on a brave face and allow no one to grow too close to me. I became the loudest one in the room hoping that to the outside world everyone would think I was a happy go lucky person with a truckload of confidence; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I used this façade of confidence as a coping mechanism in public but behind closed doors lay a young person who was struggling with childhood traumas that had never been dealt with.”

“I believe like so many others that music was my release, it was and still is the method in which I use to sort through my issues and tell my side of the story on my ongoing journey to recovery and to hopefully bring awareness and comfort to those who may be in a similar space in their lives.”

Now singed to Defenders Ent, expect further singles and an EP this year.


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