Ansheles Releases New Single “Storm”

This pop/techno track performed by a Hong Kong’s Russian celebrity Artem Ansheles , is a personal anthem about putting on fake smile while getting through a shitstorm that life throws at you.

Ansheles is a Russian born , European raised and Asia based artist.

Starting out in front of a camera as a TV host and an actor, Ansheles felt that he needed a creative outlet that is more personal and honest. He found the solution in music production and soon released his first single titled 麻麻哋day striking his audience with an ability to write and perform Chinese rap . His sound reflects his international background and trespasses cultural barriers. Rapping in Chinese, mixing in English lyrics, and even incorporating Russian ad libs, Ansheles shares his unique experience of the world through his music.

Given his artistic upbringing, Ansheles’ strong vision is guided by a personal sense of style which is the foundation to all of his work. As a result Ansheles gravitates towards visuals to accompany any of his projects, be they in music or fashion. On that topic he says: “To me, making music is not just about the sound, it is also about the visual aspects. I get to create a feeling and tell a story using visuals to further enhance the experience of my audience”.


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