Ant P – “Take It All” | @IamAntP |



Detroit’s Ant P is showing you a different side to the Motor City for his first single of 2017. While artists like Big Sean showcase a fun and playful side from Detroit, Ant goes the opposite route with his aggressive and in your face “Take It All” single. Produced by JL, Ant is ready to do whatever it takes to make his come up happen. If that means robbing you, then so be it. Ant’s ready to show a street side to his city and “Take It All” begins this journey.

Ant PDetroit, MI is known for a plethora of life altering achievements in several industries. Many know Detroit for the automotive industry, MoTown Records, the “Bad Boys”, and Eminem. Artists are molded by the past lives of the city, hoping to one day inspire the likes of others through this same cycle. Anthony Page grew up molded by these events and his style of music reflects his adolescence. Page has seen a lot in his years living in Detroit, making him one of the few artists that sounds like Detroit. His tone on the mic is aggressive, the same way Rick Mahorn would clothesline a defender trying to double team Isaiah Thomas. Using the stage name Ant P, he is a blend of Trick Trick meets Obie Trice.

Page began rhyming at the age of 16, inspired by such hip-hop classics as Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood and Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. These albums helped but it was when he first discovered music from the late Sean Price that Ant knew he wanted to make music his full time career. Ant’s music embodies those Bad Boy’s teams of the late 1980’s: rugged and blue collar, yet entertaining to hear. He’s not afraid to tell you how he feels on a song which is a reflection of his personality. Ant is releasing a follow up to his 2016 Lone Wolf EP this summer and you can expect him not to pull any punches as his determination is leading this assault on the music industry.