52 Weeks on Planet Gunsmoke: Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

2017 was a great year for hip-hop (Yes, that includes the trap shit, people, including me, didn’t like.). That said, check out my list. Debate it in the comments, and share what you’re anticipating.


  1. Kanye West: Turbografix 16

I’m curious. After The Life of Pablo, I’m curious. I guess I’ll leave it there.



  1. Jay Rock: TBA

90059 was fire. Unfortunately, the album’s promotional momentum was slowed by Rock’s motorcycle accident. But luckily, he healed up and headed into the studio to record his third album. With a snippet of one of its tracks released by Top Dawg back in August, all signs are pointing to a big year for the TDE emcee.

  1. Isaiah Rashad: TBA
    The wait between Cilvia Demo and The Sun’s Tirade was brutal as a fan. But with Isaiah Rashad stating there wouldn’t be long waits between his future projects in early 2017, I’m looking forward to what Zay Wop has to say this go-round. Expecting to hear more introspective rhymes that take advantage of his Tribe meets ‘Kast aesthetic.

  1. Nipsey Hussle: Victory Lap

I’m a big Nipsey Hussle fan and knew that this album has been a long-gestating labor of love for the Cali artist. While Crenshaw, Mailbox Money, and Slauson Boy 2 could’ve been equally worthy sequels to The Marathon but with each subsequent release he’s become more assured of his mission and grew his business accordingly. Now at arguably the top of the independent game, he’s got a partnership with Atlantic, and with Victory Lap, he’ll likely set the tone for the next 5-10 years of his career, just as The Marathon has done since 2010.

  1. Lupe Fiasco: DROGAS WAVE

It’s hard being a Lupe fan. Like, Final Fantasy without a properly leveled up party, hard. After Tetsuo and Youth dropped in 2015, I was hopeful that my favorite rapper had returned to form, and that his final three albums would be classic-level material. However, I don’t remember a single song on DROGAS Light beyond Jump. Also, I think it’s important to recognize that Lupe himself has claimed DROGAS Light was basically throwaways.

I know that there are two albums left and as a fan, I’m hoping for greatness. Let me be clear, Lupe’s bars have never wavered, they’re still katana-sharp, but the records just don’t have the staying power of Food and Liquor, the Cool, or T&Y. So all of that to say, I hope his iaido training has left him inspired, and ready to lay waste to some tracks this year.

  1. Pusha T: King Push

It’s been more than two years since King Push—Darkest Before the Dawn: The Prelude and almost five since My Name is My Name, luckily, Pusha T is a great emcee and his music stands the test of time. However, I can’t be too impatient here. He’s been working with Kanye and they have a natural synergy when they work together and this project may easily be his best project yet. Having heard the album-likely loosies Drug Dealers Anonymous, Circles, and HGTV, I’m excited.

  1. Nas: TBA
    Earlier in his career, you could count on a Nas project roughly every two years. That said, his most recent hiatus since Life is Good dropped in 2012, has been his longest ever at 6 years. So as a fan, I’m eager to hear what he’s been up to. While everyone lauds 4:44, including this author, the idea of “Grown-Man” or to borrow Charlamagne tha God’s term “Adult Contemporary” hip-hop isn’t new. Phonte’s 2011 Charity Starts At Home, Nas’ Life is Good, and even some of Eminem’s recent work are a part of that canon. Reflecting on marriage, and raising children and creating legacy are a thing for these guys. So now that we know how Nas felt as recent divorcee with a teenage daughter and infant son, how does he feel now, as a father, educator, investor, and most importantly as a man? I certainly hope he delivers; I know I’m ready for it.




Honorable Mentions


  • Schoolboy Q—TBA
  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib—Bandana
  • Elzhi & Khrysis—Jericho Jackson
  • Skyzoo—In Celebration of Us
  • Lil Wayne—Funeral
  • Travis Scott—Astro World
  • Drake—TBA




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