THQ Premiere: Armand Sauvage Drops ‘Violent Sleep’ | @armand_sauvage

Armand SauvageDeep with rage and lost in dark content, Armand Sauvage once again defies genres and creates a lane of his own with his new single Violent Sleep. A seemingly hidden musical figure, Violent Sleep thrust Sauvage into the light, revealing his innate, emotive nature and the music that is born from it.

With each verse mapping out the blackness within his mind, Sauvage shines a light on the demons haunting his dreams with his track Violent Sleep. Although listeners are unsure of if Sauvage’s rest is literal or figurative, the notion of a Violent Sleep is familiar to anyone who has experienced a bad dream; the aching feeling that you may never wake up and risk being lost in your nightmare forever.

Sauvage merges Hip-Hop, rock, and EDM on Violent Sleep and continues to breathe life into this new trend of eliminating genre definition and redefining the urban music culture in its entirety. Looming with intense thoughts, dark secrets, fear of the unknown, Armand Sauvage’s Violent Sleep is the thing nightmares are made of; leaving listeners fearful, intrigued and lusting for more.


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