Art Bastian Releases New Single “Animal Main”


Art Bastian reveals his debut solo single, a collaboration with Australia’s DJ Lara Fraser – ‘Animal’ is released on May 11.

Art Bastian is a brand new artist project from an already established songwriter and producer. Having worked behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in music already, the mysterious artist is stepping only slightly out of the shadows, in order to release a slew of releases under his new adopted moniker. The name represents how the new project will bring together up and coming artists and musicians, Art Bastian being the creative and curative force behind each single.

First up, then, is Lara Fraser. One of Australia’s leading DJs, and is internationally recognised as part of the duo ‘The Lallas’ (with fellow DJ and Game of Thrones’ actress Laura Pradelska).

‘Animal’ is an electro-influenced dance anthem with a powerful message.

Lara Fraser said: “We’ve just seen a media revolution surrounding the oppression and abuse of women. ‘Animal is written with this in mind, and the song contains an important message of personal sexual ownership – it’s all about the ‘power flip’ in a relationship”

Art Bastian said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be launching my first single and I’m so pleased I got to work with Lara to create a feel-good song which has an important message”

In addition to the new artist project, Art Bastian will be announcing a series of DJ dates in due course.

A video for the song will be revealed soon. Remixes come from Parx 1, Jay Robinson, Rare Candy Sebastian Pérez and BK298.


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