Artists: 3 Reasons DJs Are Your Friends

Intelligent networking is the first step to any brands’ online presence. Who wants to feature your newest single and line of merchandise? There are literally millions of publications on the web that make money off of content. The average music artist has a list of contacts on their friends list. How many DJ’s are on that list? Do you have more music artists than radio hosts and DJ’s? Lets look at “3 Reasons DJ’s Are Your Friends” in the music industry.

  1. Radio Promotion is expensive and most DJ’s do more than just spin clubs and bar mitzvahs. Whether it be internet radio or terrestrial radio this is good for your brand awareness and royalty checks. As long as you have registered and monetized your records correctly of course. The common DJ holds multiple roles behind the scenes. Curating playlists on Spotify and Tidal, blogging and hosting mixtapes are some of the common side hustle you will notice once you research some of todays hottest DJ’s.
  2. In the hip hop culture we look at DJ’s as the trend setter. A DJ is not going to risk their reputation on a wack record. If a DJ likes your record and is excited to receive the record release CHERISH THAT RELATIONSHIP! No one likes a yes man and DJ’s are the figures that deal with most of the requests, hot records and trends so take it from a DJ when they are schoolin you to whats hot.
  3. The final reason that you should build with a DJ (or several) is because they most likely network with music producers as well. Music producers promote beats to DJ’s for cyphers and battles. People lead to people. All of what we mentioned above shows that DJ’s are usually some of the most plugged individuals in the industry. Whether it is the radio, playlisting, blogs, music producers or the events they attend it is imperative for any one in the music industry to build a good relationship with DJ’s.

You definitely have to build relationships with anyone that you expect to open your emails. There is no easy way to build a music career, but practicing good business. Following procedures that have been established by the professionals that made it possible for us to do what we do. Pay homage to a real supporter of hip hop and school them to for all the Hip Hop 101 a new artist will need. Peace!


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