Artists: Your Assignment For 2019 in the Music Industry

Dear Artists, I’m writing this article today because the last few years have been a hot mess in the music industry, and my goodness you have to do better. I have compacted a list of assignments for you for 2019 to gather yourselves accordingly and move forward and not stick in this struggle plateau of music. Let’s begin.

  1. Fire your fucking yes man. This includes your cousins, baby mama, your so called friends and so much more. Stop putting people in positions to MANAGE your life who have NO experience whatsoever to do so. They see you might have a spark and now they want in, but have you truly asked them what they can do for you to hold that title on your team? Anybody can tweet your single, post on IG, snapchat, etc and tell people to fuck with the movement, but how many of these people are actually bringing bread to the table? Are they investing in your studio time? Or are they calling you only when they need something?
  2. Find people that truly believe in your dream. But you also have to be able to prove you truly want to be there and you will be patient on your journey to get there. Many of you want fame or something to go viral over night; expect to wake up with 20 million hits and your phone blowing from labels. If you find people who truly believe in you…believe in them to do their professional jobs to get you there. Rome wasn’t built over night.
  3. Don’t die trying to make it. This year we have seen so many artists lose their lives to jail time or suicide because they had so many people just cheering them on because at the end of the day, the KNEW they were going to get paid. I watched Lil Peep’s people on a tour bus geeking then ran around the corner to catch him dead on Instagram LIVE. I saw articles on xxxtentacion being murdered. And I was beyond shocked with Mac Miller taking his life. I say this to say back to assignment #1. Make sure the people you surround yourself with actually give a fuck about you and not just the money you’re bringing in.
  4. Worry about your mental health. All that sex, money, rock and roll shit is cool but its not okay if you’re depressed. You start to feel empty, you’re doing things you would never do for money to take care of EVERYONE except you. You got family members you never knew existed now pretending like they support you because they want to make you feel guilty about “Not forgetting about the little people when you make it”. Learn how to decipher true support from opportunists.
  5.  Be truly honest with your budget. You would be surprised how many A&Rs, Managers, Publicists, DJs, Producers that will work with you if your just fucking honest and you’re dope. But please don’t be fake humble…if they believed in you and all they see is you on social media posting videos of you with stacks of cash flexing…if they’re professionals…you’re out of here. If you have any major manager or any higher up in this industry that is doing pro-bono on your ass, the ONLY people you need to be impressing is THEM.
  6.  Stop fucking trolling for attention. Stop shitting on everyone that made it in this industry for a reaction. Your soundcloud has 10k plays combined over 20 tracks but you on social media dragging artists who have deals in hope that they will react so you can get more followers. Azealia Banks is a perfect example…she spent her whole career dragging everyone on social media for attention but yet….nobody….I know…knows one song from her.
  7. Stop rapping/beefing about shit, when you not about that life. Let’s take a moment to look at Tekashi 69. This assignment covers all 1-7. Bad management, horrible PR, and so much more of surrounding himself with horrible people that he THOUGHT had his best interest. Only to find out they wanted to murder him for money. Now he’s sitting in a jail cell until Sept 2019 until he goes to trial to find out how long hes going to live his live in jail. (Bobby Shmurda is another story for another day)
  8. Find you a real manager and a publicist. I need to break these two down in another article, but for now I digress. Summary, your manager is the one that MANAGES everything you have going on. They are supposed to invest in you because once you start making money they get 10-15% back. They work with labels, radio stations, taste makers, podcasters, booking agents, etc to make your life easier. A publicist’s job is to make sure everywhere your manager puts you…that you look good. See #9. Publicists have many other jobs…but I will keep that for another post..just know were not your interns…personal assistants…or your slaves.
  9. Realize PR doesn’t stand for promotion. As a publicist who has been in this industry over 10 years, my job is to only make sure you look good in the limelight at all times. We cover your EPKs…most of us keep your website up to date. We send out press releases when you drop music. But most of you get mad at the publicist when shit doesn’t go as planned. Your MANAGER is the person MANAGING your entire career. They are the one that gets you comes through..everybody is straight. Your PUBLICIST is the one your PAYING so at 3am on a Saturday morning and you’re drunk and did something stupid that you need to fix the situation. That’s when you NEED a publicist to come in to figure out how to make things right.
  10. Focus on YOURSELF for once. Seriously…if you can do it on your own, please do it. Stop allowing people who truly dont give a shit about you to strive off your viral videos or fandom. Truly look at the people that was with you from day one. Then look at all the people who showed up once you made a few coins.

This is your assignment for 2019…take it or leave it…I promise I get nothing from writing this article. I just beg you make the right decisions and put the right people on your team that understand you. Be Blessed.


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