Artson – “Brave Star” (Official Video) |


After earning three Native American Music Award nominations and walking away with the Nammy for Best Narrative Music Video in 2017, Artson follows up his last EP, E.A.R.T.H., with a new album that once again exceeds great expectations.

In reflection of the ongoing turmoil tearing at the fabric of our society and the injustices facing the Native American people taking center stage, Artson releases Brave Star. The album pays tribute to Mos Def & Talib Kweli’s 1998 Black Star album and it’s message of empowerment for the African-American community and inner city youth at the time. As we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of such an iconic Hip Hop album, Artson once again gathers his fellow indigenous artists to create a timeless masterpiece to uplift the culture and community.

The new album features several other renowned Native American emcees, including RedCloud, Quese IMC, Def-i and Wake Self. It takes you on a sonic journey, showcasing incredible lyricism, diversity and perspective. Tracks like “We Gather” and “Right Now” leave you ready to stand up for the things you believe in, while “Home”, “Lonely Road” and “City Streets” force you to reflect on the turbulence of the past and the inner battles that lead to self-destruction. “Celebrate,” “The Drum” and “Round We Go” balance the intensity of other heavy-hitting tracks with the feel good vibes Artson’s fans have always cherished. He reminds them that despite the challenges we face as a nation, it’s important to reach deep into their spirit to rekindle their love for this culture and each other.

Since the release of back-to-back EP’s – War Cry, Reverse Through Time and E.A.R.T.H. – Artson has been featured in The Source, FNX Network, Viceland TV, and several other radio and online publications. In 2017, he joined RedCloud and Crystal Lighting on the Green Chile tour, and also participated in the Aboriginal Day celebration in Edmonton, Canada. He also performed as part of the Dancing Earth theatre troupe in San Francisco, California. Fans can look forward to checking out Artson’s featured tracks on Taboo’s latest project with Mag7, and should also stay tuned for upcoming tours across the U.S. and abroad with more fellow indigenous Hip Hop artists, Style Elements Crew and other bboy pioneers.

Tour Dates:

April 13th – Los Angeles CA Listening Party  @HIVEcalifornia
April 18th – Los Angeles CA Green Chile Tour kick off @Universal Bar and Grill
April 19th – Las Vegas NV Brave Star album release party @Ninja Karaoke
April 20th – Phoenix AZ Brave Star Release Show @The  Fireplace
April 21st – Las Cruces NM album release party @Barricade culture shop
April 22nd – El Paso TX Water protector Show @San Jacinto Plaza
April 25th – El Paso TX @Club Here I Love You
April 27th – Albuquerque NM Gathering of MCs @Launch Pad
April 28th – Albuquerque NM Healing Circle @El Chante
April 28th – Albuquerque NM The Rebellion @El Chante
April 30th – Cortez CO @Blondies Trophy Room