Ash Shakur Releases Latest Uplifting Jam ‘SKINS’ | @HareThis |


Illustrator and experimental hip-hop artist Ash Shakur has dropped his latest single ‘Skins’, a thought provoking track focusing on self awareness and growth. The south Londoner is known for his leftfield take on hip hop, mixing witty storytelling with boom bap beats, smooth melodies and catchy choruses. His unorthodox style and flow has won fans across the globe.

In a social media world, full of non-realistic pressures, Ash brings the listener back to earth and releases the pressure valve somewhat in this blissful, funky track. With an 80s feel, the synth led production (courtesy of TheBeatPlug) provides the perfect backdrop to Ash’s bars, aimed to empower the listener with a gentle reminder to love ourselves a little bit more. Ash explains:

“I wrote this song to instil confidence and encouragement for people to sing along too. It’s about being 100% comfortable in your own skin! It’s easy to get caught up in the perception of others and what the quote on quote standard of beauty is. Make sure you’re happy, love and respect yourself 100% even when life gets a little bit rocky.”

Previous track ‘Lead The Way’ was released through Kitsuné’s project Kitsuné Hot Stream (a platform combining the music and design spheres) and other releases include ‘Never Alone’, ‘Nokia’ and ‘Shine’ which enjoyed support from BBC 1Xtra, Noisey, Indie Shuffle, Complex UK, Notion and lots more. Ash is also the co-founder of Art Life Central, a collective that expresses creativity and freedom through music and fashion. He aims to inspire people through his vibrant visuals and incorporates this art direction across all of his musical content.


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