Atlanta Rapper GRIP Drops New Single Bregma Freestyle 2 With Official Music Video

Much like his influences did with their respective scenes in their heyday (artists such as Outkast, Jay-Z and Nas), GRIP brings a fresh feel to one of the biggest music markets in America. An Atlanta native, GRIP (an old nickname given to him growing up, which has shifted personal meanings to him throughout time) grants us a new window to peak into the gritty reality of an typical person’s life in East Atlanta, his musical skill being the Windex to allow us his vision.

With a full length album under his belt entitled “Porch” (2017), GRIP’s lyrics prove to be true to his life experiences and reflect encounters and circumstances common to many in America.  Simultaneously super-rapper and self-proclaimed “ordinary person”, his ability to relate to struggles through his art has catapulted GRIP to open for Saba, tour the East Coast, and perform at SXSW 2019.  He’s even had a song featured on GaryVee’s vlog! Despite all of his success and keeping true to his modesty, GRIP simply explains that he has been “traveling a lot more lately”.

Not afraid to tackle subjects such as racism, classism, violence, and the prison system, GRIP’s music videos for ‘Culdesac’, (featured on Complex’s Pigeons and Planes) ‘Jail Pose’, and ‘These Eyes’ contain Powerful imagery with poignant and honest lyrics.  His voice is unique and feels reminiscent of a Kendrick-mixed-with-Drake.  He stays true to himself but genuinely morphs in and out of a unique set of flows and cadences with a higher voice register, mixing the harshness of old-school type deliveries with the catchiness of what we hear from today’s most famous artists.

GRIP most enjoys bringing his energy to a live crowd, explaining it to be a sort of release for the energy he puts into his music.  Relatable experiences expressed through talent is enough to make a room go crazy and GRIP handles these situations extremely well, with a poised comfortability onstage.

Always having a keen mind to music, dabbling in guitar and currently in the writing process for his Sophomore album, GRIP is now releasing his newest single and music video “Bregma Freestyle 2“.  In the track he raps about gang violence and his own experience around it.  With a quick flow he relates his life to the listener in an honest way. The video is a face-to-face interaction with GRIP and features the star rapping in front of stunning backgrounds.

Plans are for a full-length album sometime around the end of summer but something tells me we will be hearing a lot more from GRIP before that time.  For now, enjoy the new release and hop on this wave Atlanta is already riding!

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