Ausar is back with a visual in support of his latest single, Wholetime — shot and edited by the ingenious Danny Photo . The video follows the rising Chicago star as he confronts the everyday challenges of life and attempts to highlight the humor in those situations. We see meme-worthy mirror scenes, and a breakfast mishap that’s unique to Ausar’s sense of humor. An key message of this video is the importance of a positive attitude, and that people should learn to laugh at themselves more. With stress constantly building, this clear portrait of taking life less seriously is a great message for all fans.

Ausar — a Chicago-born lyricist — was recently recognized by DJ Booth in a statement about artist discovery and garnered praise from Rakim, The God MC Hip-Hop legend, who said “[Ausar’s] got the torch next”. By collaborating with Chicago artists like Femdot and Isaiah G — and performing alongside Lil Durk, Rakim, and Jamila Woods — Ausar has formed creative connections and partnerships all while developing his personal sound. Ausar’s new music video for “Wholetime” will continue to build support as fans get to know him.