Melbourne, Australia rapper Ezra Allen presents “Free”, his new single produced by Able8 and Rippers Records. When asked about the inspiration for his new single, Ezra says, “This song is about an unrequited love, it’s almost like an open letter to the recipient of my feelings and airing out a few unspoken things for myself and for her. I wrote this originally as a remix of ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber and after I gave up on that project I left the lyrics open in a Word document for almost a year before hearing this beat and reusing them. It was built to represent a younger version of myself a bit less in control of my emotions and a bit more prone to outburst. It was hard not to continuously change the lyrics as I grew and matured as I wanted it to represent the raw emotion of a teenager.”


  1. […] Australian singer, songwriter and producer James Chatburn releases his new single “Darling I missed your call” in the midst of announcing his upcoming sophomore EP “Damen”.  Opening with trumpets (which is always a way to my heart) it sets the jazz influenced tone of the single and is a conglomerate of soulful vocals, boom bap rhythm, and organic instrumentation. Check it out above. […]

  2. […] Australia (via Malaysia) based artist May Lyn is back with her first track of 2018 and she’s here to address how she feels about cutting off ties to toxic relationships in her latest track, ‘Keep Up With Me’ ft. ealing. Switching flows and vocal delivery over a hazy and ominous trickling beat, May’s delivery of this track is cool and nonchalant, dancing back and forth between light-heartedness and melancholy tones. Her distinctly whimsical vocals and bold lyricism has been linked to the ingenuity of artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and FKA twigs. […]


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