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Jasmine Osby
Freelance Creative Guru ❈ Wordsmith ✒ Creator of @TheEliteRoute ♬ Publicist ☕ Writer @TripleHQ @SOHH @DayAndADream 💪🏿 Founder of Whats Happening STL

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Hip Hop 101


Why Did My Music Get Ignored?

Before I get into the topic of this guest post, I wanted to thank Amanda and the TripleHQ team for allowing me to help...

3 Ways Music Artists Can Make Money Online

Money is a lot of our first obstacles in any industry. Artists are always hearing "Do you have a budget?" or "Expenses, expenses, expenses..."...
Social Networking

How to Use Social Networking to Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

There is no doubt that blogging is quickly becoming popular and there’s no stopping its popularity. The fight for supremacy heats on. The battle...
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