Ay Wing x Chuuwee x Shuko – “Orange Dreamer”

Berlin-based, Ay Wing, returns to end the summer just right, with her latest single, ‘ Orange Dreamer .’ The newest track by Swiss-born, singer-songwriter, speaks about nostalgia; a story that highlights a journey back to oneself. Ay Wing reminisces about her time spent in Los Angeles last summer throughout the song’s lyrics, singing, “ nothing ever stays the same, seasons changing, storm stopped raging…” The song was written while she was going through, and later recovering from, a rough patch in her life. Her latest, therefore serves both as a diagnosis, but also the cure for the troubling times she endured.

She says, “I wrote Dreamer’ when I was recovering from my time in the United States while I was on tour. The song is about getting back to and finding myself again. My friend once told me that he always sees the color orange when I’m with him, so it seems to be my color,” and hence the song’s title. The track’s multi-faceted elements showcase the sincere passion and dynamic creativity that come naturally with Ay Wing’s voice and sound.

Also featuring an impressive flow and verse by American hip hop artist, Chuuwee, ‘ Orange ’ shines as a collaborative effort between two of the most promising artists of the year. Working together with the 28-year-old Sacramento, California native and song-writing extraordinaire, Ay Wing says that she was reminded of what the song was meant to be about all along. “I needed to slow down, be more playful, and stay open while embracing all of life’s changes. When I first heard Chuuwee’s verse, I realized his words added a component that made me fall in love with the song in a whole new way,” she continues.

Chuuwee, real name Dionte Hunter, who uses his middle name as his moniker, comments on the range of style in Ay Wing’s music that made the collaborative venture an easy decision for him to be a part of. “I was super honored,” he says, “I’ve never rapped to anything like ‘ Dreamer ’ before and it was really fun trying to find the best way to approach it.”  Both artists also give recognition and credit where it is due — to the song’s producer, German native, Shuko, who is responsible uplifting beat that reverberates positive energy throughout the track.


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