Ayon Mukherji x Omisha Chaitanya x Elrim – Calm in the Storm

This is a single from Ayon Mukherji’s debut album and a song that, in its uniqueness and charm, has completely enchanted a few people, but has been forgotten by the many for songs that are far more ‘commercially viable’, or expected.

“Calm in the Storm” is a subtly sexy and meditative track, musing from moments of introverted peace within the thumping extroversion of a party. Existential questions are seldom brought out so smoothly.

“The verses are some of the most heartfelt lyrics I have ever written, and the hook and bridge are composed and sung by my most talented and dear friend Omisha, who is currently studying at the Berklee school of music.”

The creation of this project is a story powerful far beyond the reach of any single element. The whole is a lot more than simply the sum of its parts. This album represents an internet fueled, diverse, international, spiritual collaboration between musicians, poets, producers, artists from every end of almost every spectrum.

“We are a collective that has its roots in Heidelberg Germany, but has its wings spread all over the globe, with a member in almost every continent. Put-together the members of the collective have amassed almost 2 million total streams on Spotify, with placements on editorial playlists.”

“However we wish now to expand our flavor and reach people with varied taste-buds. We have a range that we are exploring and this song represents what we wish to share with the leading taste-makers of the music-world.”


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