B.Cole returns to the scene to end the year with a bang as he releases the visual for his hit single “F’N WIT U”. Filmed by G.A.Tentertainment, B.Cole pulls the ultimate flex on these basic hoes with the flashy cars, the money, and the shirt showing the symbolism that he is nothing less of a Champion. With production by @JGladMusic, Cole flows over the beat with confidence as he keeps his mind on the ultimate bag.

As exemplified through his fiery passion and forward-thinking process, B.Cole strays away from the norm and tries not to be too reminiscent of everything else going on in music. With a self-declared mission to express himself in the most authentic way, B.Cole aims to inspire others to do the same, strongly providing a soundtrack for growth and innovation, especially from the most unlikely of origins. We’re excited to see what hes delivering in 2019.

Check the visual above.


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