Back Talk – Dragon Energy (A Kanye Remix EP)

Dragon Energy

The inventive electronic trio, Back Talk, just dropped a new project where they re-imagined five of their favorite Kanye West songs with their own unique spin. Enter the realm of “Dragon Energy”.

The group was inspired after passing around “Season 2” of Dissect, a podcast centering on the creation of Kanye’s greatest album, MBDTF. The podcast was a catalyst for the group to discuss how much the music and career of West had inspired their own production and creative endeavors. The discussion led to the idea of remixing a Kanye song but the idea came, “why stop at just one?”.

Enter “Dragon Energy” Back Talks remix EP that spans some of Kanye’s most triumphant albums, but this is only the start, Back Talk claims to have even more completed remixes in the vault, but ran into copyright issues on the streaming services. Here’s a breakdown 4 of the 5 songs found on the remix project.


Back Talk strips down one of Ye’s more potent tracks and reconstructs it with lush pads, breaks and army drum style sequencing.


So for this flip, the crew add in some vocoding to Kanye’s lyrics and slowly takes the track into a computer sounding universe. “Heartless” has a more EDM vibe to it than “Power” and is a pleasure to listen to.

Good Life

The famed single featuring T-Pain, Back Talk incorporates cutting synths and instrumentation used primarily in Dubstep. However, they are able to bring a feel good commercial feeling to this remix.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Of all five songs found on the EP, this one got stripped down the most. There’s a long yet gradually beat buildup that begins with simple easy keys that erupt in a Euro club setting.


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