Balt Getty Releases “LOSER” | @BaltGetty |

The Los Angeles-born and raised maverick that is Balt Getty is back with another single, just in time for Halloween. The multi-talent creative releases “LOSER,” the new theme song for all those who feel different, who feel like an outsider. Everyone, even The Rock, has days that they feel like a loser and Balt Getty is right there with you.

LOSER” brings a sense of humor and wit to the subject. Balt, himself, feels this way but yet travels the world, designs beautiful clothing, DJs some amazing parties, and still, sometimes he feels like a loser and an alien in this world. The song itself has a catchy melody that’s easy to move and sing or rap along with. The lyrics are literally brought to lyrics through the music video, giving viewers an inside look on the real-life of Balt Getty; everything from his art to his clothing line, his drawings, his travels, his music. Intertwined with the lyrics as they’re brought to life around the screen with playful effects that give the video some extra oomph.

“The song LOSER is about feeling different. Feeling like a loser, feeling like a creep, feeling like an outsider. And then drawing parallels with being a Vampire, needing blood to survive. A metaphor for needing attention, needing love. Needing all those things we’re always looking for to fulfill ourselves, to fill that hole inside of us I guess. All with a sense of humor of course. Yeah, it’s in the title. I’m a loser I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, I’m eccentric. You know, all these things that are a part of me. We see one thing on the outside but often feel differently on the inside. It’s sort of a cheeky, witty look at that.”


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