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shoeBox Music

ShoeBox Music is not only the title of the upcoming EP from Florida based rapper Banga, but it is also the title of a genre of music! Albeit, the entertainer classified “Shoebox Music” to be a genre himself, it is more than a fitting title for trap-style, music with substance. Banga grew up a fan of this style of Hip Hop music, listening to artist like Turk & Jeezy and he is now greatly contributing to it.

The ShoeBox lifestyle simplified is a lifestyle lived of people who grew up in poverty stricken areas. It surrounds an ideology of stacking money in a shoebox, rather than trusting a bank and let’s just say…a few other notions. The lifestyle isn’t necessarily in agreeance with the typical American Dream. Once you take a listen to the heartfelt, substance filled lyrics you’d get a deeper feel of this. Banga, who spent most of his years in Atlanta, isn’t a new jack on the Hip Hop scene. The artist, who was once closely affiliated with Akon, has a strong foundation as he released many projects that built up a strong and loyal fan base.  

‘Hustle Team or Die Vol. 2’, and ‘The Grind Is Real’ are two projects that were received extremely well by his fans and music critics alike. Still signed to Hustle Team Management, after a short hiatus, Banga is back with ‘ShoeBox Music”, an undeniable project! Take a listen to the EP for yourself, regardless of what your personal story is, I can guarantee, that in some way you can relate to ShoeBox music!

you can follow this artist on twitter and IG @imakebangaz

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