Bates Delivers Raw Honesty On Strange Woman Album | @bates_stl

Strange Woman
Twelve tracks of undeniable energy, Midwest bravado and black girl magic, St. Louis femcee Bates’ new album, Strange Woman, is unlike any female Hip Hop project released in 2017. The follow up to her 2016 album For Colored FolkStrange Woman is a metaphorical masterpiece; complet engulfing its listeners in an raw euphoris, forcing them to look themselves in the mirror and accept the strangeness in us all.
Strange Woman
With production from TRUE On The TRAC, Groundbreaking Beatz and Muzicboy, along with notable tracks like Suge Knight, The Da-Da Song and Letter to A Little Girl, Bates stands out from amongst the hungry pack of female lyricists breaking through glass ceilings. Instead, she stands out; spewing knowledge, facts and the cold blooded truth on each of Strange Woman’s intricate records.
Strange WomanThe most transparent body of work to emerge from Bates, Strange Woman is testmant to the struggle of women everywhere and serves as a reminder that the only thing better than being normal is being strange. 
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