Bates’ ‘Suge Knight’ Visual Sets A Standard for Indie Hip Hop Cinematography | @bates_stl

Suge KnightOne of the most anticipated visual releases from Bates thus far, Suge Knight is an explosion of emotion, depicting the innate fear that accompanies the streets and the misfortune of being a victim of unforeseen circumstance. With fellow emcee T-Dubb-O and Midwest lyrical legend Kenny Knox, pumping adrenaline through the track from beginning to end, Bates shifts into gear with Suge Knight; bringing more fervor and zeal than any other underground, female lyricist.

The fourth release from her 2017 hit album Strange Woman, Suge Knight captures the cinematic mind behind the femcee taking the Midwest by storm. A classic tale of the violent battles that fester in the rap game and the bystanders who get caught up in the crossfire, Suge Knight is a reality-based record drenched in fact and fiction. A song with as much fury as the Hip Hop icon it’s named after, the track is sure to weather the upcoming spring and summer months as the industry dives into the second quarter.

Suge Knight
Photo by Attilio D’Agostino

Another self-directed production from the enigmatic mind of Tamara Dodd, Suge Knight sets the stage for an incline of dynamic visual releases leading to Bates’ new album One God, a collaborative album with super producer Major88Keys due out Summer 2018.



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