Beanstock – More Things To Do (Mixtape)


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A spin off of their mixtape series “Things To Do in Dorchester…When You’re Dead” the Beanstock crew is back to take you on another trip through “the mean streets of Boston” over a few industry favorites with a Beanstock spin. Keet Kolbang is a man on a mission recruiting his band of misfits, Mr Shoosh, Bruno Trizz, Big Trayne, Cartier and new comer Boogie Bawse for a lyrical assault on anyone standing in the way! Yeah Yeah!!


01.Things To Do In Dorchester When Your Dying (feat Keet Kolbang)

  1. Tsunami (feat Keet Kolbang)
  2. Jump (feat Keet Kolbang, Bruno Trizz, Mr Shoosh)
  3. 7up (feat Keet Kolbang, Boogie Bawse)
  4. Health Problems (feat Big Trayne, Bruno Trizz, Keet Kolbang)
  5. Mentality (feat Mr Shoosh)
  6. Inhale Exhale (Love Us) (feat Keet Kolbang)
  7. 88 (Hate Us) (feat Mr Shoosh, Bruno Trizz, Big Trayne, Keet Kolbang)
  8. DRM (feat Cartier, Mr Shoosh, Keet Kolbang)
  9. Slap Her (Joe Budden Diss) (feat Big Trayne, Keet Kolbang, Bruno Trizz)
  10. Is You Down (feat Boogie Bawse)