Bellringer – “All That I Need” Ft. Sweedish | @bellringermusic @SweedishLove |


Bellringer (Marcus Bell), a veteran producer, met the Swedish-American former “The Voice” contestant SWEEDiSH (Jennifer Newberry) in 2014, after her teary and painful dismissal from the hit NBC show. SWEEDiSH, who was singing on Swedish radio by age 6, is a lifelong performer who amidst a number of hardships, had found herself in a pattern of unhealthy relationships. Around the same time she connected with Bellringer, SWEEDiSH, with a newfound inner peace, met her husband Chris, who is conveniently a music video producer, and produced the cool and sensual video for “All That I Need” within just 48 hours of its production.  SWEEDiSH believes she gets to heal in every song she sings, and “All That I Need” is a therapeutic, soulful celebration of love.

Featured on Power, the popular Starz crime drama produced by 50 Cent, featured a steamy sex scene to the tune of “All That I Need” by Bellringer and SWEEDiSH. An outpour of nearly 10,000 viewers stopped in their tracks, whipped out their phones, and eagerly searched for the song, which is now released and available on iTunes and Spotify. Meanwhile, the smooth single has created a serious buzz: Tunefind even called it the, “Top TV Song of the Week” due to the frenzy of listeners on the site who were furiously searching for the velvety track.