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Leaving the USA is the fourth single from up-n-coming singer-songwriter Ben Brown

Ben wrote the topline over an American style trap beat, riding the instrumental in a unique and melodic way. Leaving the USA portrays Ben’s lack of sympathy for a girl desperate for his attention, due to her recent history of texting another guy. The song has an attitude, with Ben expressing that he won’t ever see this girl again

Having spent over 6 months living on America’s East Coast, Ben took inspiration from current American music culture. By combining his knack for storytelling with a hard-hitting beat created by a trap-beat producer from Baltimore, the track has a sound comparable to Post Malone or Bryson Tiller


Ben Brown is a singer-songwriter from North London, who blends acoustic and electronic elements to create an exciting and authentic sound featuring catchy hooks and funky guitar licks. His vibe has been compared with the likes of Zak Abel and Ady Suleiman.

Ben has honed his performance skills on the London scene to deliver an upbeat set designed to get his audience moving. He creates live beats and tracks on stage using a loop pedal to craft a rich sound unique to Ben’s aesthetic.

Record of the Day described Ben’s style as ‘breezy and easy-going with cleverly crafted lyrics’.


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