Ben Fairey Blossoms on the Beat with Agym Remix | @benfaireymusic


Fuming with a mind-blowing psychedelic funk, Ben Fairey blossoms on the beat with the StoneTowerz Remix for his new track Aygm. Intense bass, EDM driven energy, and metaphorical lyricism, Aygm sets the mood and shifts the emotion from verse to verse; hypnotizing its listeners with every melody.

A passionate blend, StoneTowerz remixed Ben Fairey’s Destination EP, reimagining them for an audience dedicated to beautiful house music and vibrant EDM sounds. With its flighty, elevated vibe, StoneTowerz remix to Agym defies the normalities of house music and Hip Hop and creates its own unique flavor.

Another rising voice coming from the U.K., Fairey and StoneTowerz merge definitively above other upcoming acts with the Agym Remix and sets the tone for future house releases emerging from overseas.





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