Big Bank is back! With a new complete project titled King Of The Jungle on the way, Atlanta’s Eastside Boss is pulling out all the stops. In this visual for the banger “Don’t Worry”, filmed mostly at Onyx Executive Gentleman’s Club, the guys at Duct Tape brought out the exotic whips, exotic women, celebrity friends and of course the money. Atlanta’s biggest star Future shows support along with a bevy of other established artists, as the Mob buys the clubs outta singles to celebrate.
In addition to the almost entire Duct Tape family, this video has cameos from some of the hottest upcoming artists out of Atlanta and beyond. If you watch closely and have your finger on the pulse of who’s who in Atlanta rap, you’ll see VL Deck, Marlo, Memphis’ own Yo Millionaire, Homixide Doody, Yogi, La’Bri, La Familia Jung, Eastside Fat, and more.
It might look like one big party, but Big Bank isn’t just having fun or playing games. He’s establishing his place in the current music scene and he’s bringing the whole mob with him! Don’t worry.


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