Big ZO presents part 4 of his “My Life Is A Movie” project. In a unique way of releasing his 1st ever album,he hits us with hardcore edgy record “S.O.B.”. Not usually his style, ZO embraces “trap rap” and puts a unique southern swag on it like only he can.

Big ZO is a 36 year old Music Industry graduate from the University of Louisville. He was the very first student at the University to ever play football and major in music. While attending the University he injured his knee at the running back position and shortly there after found out he was a father. After spending 14 years in corporate America mainly as a Human Resources Specialist, he had a traumatic experience that caused him to leave his job. Now he works full time in his music studio (Fyre Entertainment LLC) in Lexington, KY and has decided to show the world the gift that God has blessed him with.

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Big Zo