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Here’s the latest episode of the widely lauded Bigger Picture podcast. Hosted by Fawn Dakari Eli, this week’s episode includes a discussion on dating and rape culture with renowned journalist and entertainment exec Be’n Original.

The podcast discusses the new culture of dating and how “Netflix and chilling” is the new normal. The new struggle of most men no longer having the need to show Queens that they’re more than just a penis (on the first date). “Chilling” is cool but definitely not for a first date. Most people these days meet on hookup apps such as POF, Tinder, and OKCupid so requesting a first date to someone’s house is insane. What if it doesn’t workout? Now they know where you live..what if they’re crazy? 0_o

People can pretend to be anyone over the internet. We are all guilty of trying this at least once and being disappointed. I remember I met a guy on Tinder who told me he was a Sous Chef, invited him over to cook for me. Lets just say he baked some struggle chicken and barely steamed some raw broccoli. Come to find out he was a prep cook at applebees.

As we listen to more of the podcast, it gets more into how dating works and when is the time to get into a relationship. Who jumps the gun? As it goes on both sides…just stay honest on your intentions. If youre a person who needs $300 dates, if you’re only looking to have sex, if you have options, or you truly don’t even know what you want. Just be real.

Mentioning the Fishsticks vs Lobster always reminds me of the Gossip Girl Ep..

They also go into rules such as 90 Days or just straight to the point. Adults should be adults. There are some men that insinuate that women who give it up early means theyre hoes. The respect situation comes into place as well. But if you’re a woman that feels that sexual activities are waiting 90 days and finding out his sex game is trash….well…

There is definitely a respect thing…and like Fawn Dakari Eli stated… “Know your worth” . Tell these men up front what you want, and if you cannot do this..take a time to reflect on what your main goals are in a relationship instead of repeating the pattern and still being upset and disappointed. Stop settling for anything and stand for something.

This was a dope discussion….listen to the rest above and let us know your thoughts.