Bizarre – D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit) [Mixtape] | @BizarresWorld |

Bizarre of D12 presents the new compilation album titled D.R.U.G.S (Dat Real Underground Shit). The 27-track project features Project Pat, Bizarre, Young Buck, plus more. Stream or download via Audiomack.


  1. Been out here slangin tapes to get paid.
    I’m new wave
    Pushing to speak on an album
    All good I got are lyrics let’s not gun away
    Snoop Dogg showed up pointed a light in my face
    Now he is sending ne to hell for Leviathan worship
    Holy spirit doesn’t care long as he gets laid
    Did I turn my back on him
    No he’s doing to get paid
    Working a turn stylys on all our hatyeah I praise God but there’s nothing worth saying
    Except nothing ever changes there’s no plan just judgement and death day
    Fate eraser painful display
    I’m a kud at play Nintendo and weed all he blames me for sinning I say so what you fucked my wife now get your adultery
    Pulled down firing I’m tryin to get it myself
    Everyone in heaven
    He only safes himself
    Raised wrath to war greed to gluttonwhole life fatacatholic church go to hell
    I’m more like Jesus I hear a gift
    Kill of coke in puff Daddy’s car
    Now he jumping ship
    Waiting on him to say my name
    I don’t do penitentiary time with an old snitch
    Nowhere to go
    I won’t begging for a deal give me some fuckin Hope I got lyrics you got bankroll


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