So now the robot dog can fetch and open doors? It is literally like watching the Netflix show “Black Mirror” come to life.

“Metalhead” is the fifth episode of the fourth series of anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by Charlie Brooker and directed by David Slade. The episode first aired on Netflix, along with the rest of series four, on 29 December 2017.

“Metalhead” is the first Black Mirror episode filmed entirely in black and white, and follows the plight of Bella (Maxine Peake) trying to flee from robotic “dogs” after the unexplained collapse of human society. The “dogs” were influenced by Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs.

The episode received positive reviews. Critics overwhelmingly agreed Metalhead was unlike any other Black Mirror episode owing to how pared-down and gimmick-free it was. Peake’s performance was praised, as was Slade’s decision to film it in black and white.

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