Afropunk Battle of the Bands London 2017 winners Blackfish Collective are back with a brand new, hard-hitting single,‘Blackfish Season’.

The thumping single comes just a month after the Dublin group released their convention-defying debut EP, ‘ North King Street ’ and accompanying short film, ‘ Badman ’.


The ‘Blackfish Season’ single features the grimey vocals of Blackfish founding member ‘Prettyboy Francis’, who says, “We released the Soundtrack EP (North King Street) last month in the winter, and now that we’re in March – the first month of spring, this new single represents a transition of our music to match the change of season.


“‘Blackfish Season’ is a goodbye to a sound (grime) that really encouraged me to start Blackfish Collective. It’s my way of paying respect and homage to a genre in which craftsmen and skill often gets overlooked. We’ve got much more music to come this year – watch this space.”


The music video consists of footage taken from a variety of live Blackfish Collective performances, including on the Afropunk London 2017 stage and 2018 performances at Nambucca and Junction House in London. Filmed by Mane Attraction and Raphael Asare and directed by Blackfish member Demi Gosh (Adedamola Balogun).


About Blackfish Collective

Blackfish are a London-based collective formed in Dublin, with the purpose of encouraging freedom and individuality through creativity. Hailing from a range of different African countries, including Nigeria, Angola and Zimbabwe – many of the group arrived in Ireland as asylum seekers with their families when they were children and were brought together by a bond of being the ‘weird kids’.

Blackfish Collective create a versatile range of music, both individually and collectively. As well as achieving success on the Afropunk stage in 2017, another major success comes from Blackfish member Caleb Kunle, who was the winner of NME’S Emerging Artist’s Project 2017 .

Blackfish Collective consists of members: Caleb Kunle, PRNC$$, Pretty Boy Francis, Demi Gosh, MO-TABS, Toni and THE VYCE.


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