Blind Man (Xavier Omar cover) prod. by Aabo | @berelmusic |


Bay area singer & songwriter, BEREL, seamlessly weaving nostalgic tones with his own brand of electronica, neo-soul, and hip-hop on the cover of Xavier Omar’s powerful track,“Blind Man.” The original tune stands as a song for any person who’s ever experienced the essence of love and gracefully anti-objectifies women and beauty standards, to relay that beauty doesn’t have to be seen with the eyes. The cover was created with the help of LA/SF producer, Aabo, where he uses a few live instruments, to give the original trap-soul electronic track a live band feel.

BEREL, (born Berel Alexander), is a songwriter & vocalist based in the Bay Area and bred from rural Northern California. His music personifies his life experiences and influences of timeless sounds. A self-described, “modern renaissance-man with an affinity for fashions in the music of the past. Through relatable stories and his emotive voice, he coherently connects wistful tones with his own brand of fusing electronica, neo-soul, and hip-hop, leaving his listeners feeling good and wanting more.


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